Have you been hiding parts of your TRUE self?

Do you feel frustrated that you have been busy doing “all the things” and yet….. Not seeing the results you desire for your souls work.

Perhaps you are beating yourself up for breaking your promise to yourself over and over again about getting more visible online?


Are you are fed up with standing in your own way and you are ready to finally get the momentum rolling in 2018….yet a little part of your fears you may let yourself down again?

If you answered YES to any of the above, I want to support you. 


I know that you have amazing gifts to share with the world.

But if you feel like you are floundering with self sabotage in one form or another, it's time to do something about it.

Consider this your exclusive invitation to join me for 6 week transformational intensive that is going to have a big impact on your life and business in 2018...

This one on one program is designed to clear out the self sabotage in all areas of your life, so that you can thrive in your soul inspired business and life.

For me, it was coming out of the spiritual closet, for you it may be a different story. The underlying fear and self sabotage you are experiencing is what we are going to deep dive into clearing so that you can gain massive momentum in your business success for 2018 (and beyond).  

As a psychic, energy healer and Akashic reader, I have many tools to support you in clearing your blind spots. 

One of my superpowers is to see YOU, your soul self and highest potential, while also seeing intuitively exactly where you are stuck. This creates space and awakens awareness for you to embody and live your next level YOU now!

During this 6 week intensive, you will...

Deprogram fears around being seen and heard
Release self sabotage to your success at its root cause (procrastination, overwhelm, being busy or broke)
Open your ability to receive (your money channels)
Awaken your intuition and activate your souls highest potential

This 6 week transformational intensive is delivered via
(6) 40 minute Intuitive Energy Alignment Sessions.


Regular Investment $1497 (or 2 payments at $888) 


(or 2 payments of $333)

I have been doing intuitive work for 8 years, however, I am looking to create an intensive specific to coming out of hiding and going all in with your souls work. 

In exchange for this deep discount,  I would like both a written and video testimonial as well as the completion of a short feedback surveyt o help me hone this offering evening more.

Soul Alignment Activation Recording
(Value $97)

Connect With Your Spiritual Support Team Training 
(Value $197)

Learn who YOUR specific spiritual support team is currently
(Value $Priceless)

Want to be VIP?

The VIP Option of this 6 week Intensive includes all of the above PLUS...

(1) 90 minute Soul Gift and Activation Akashic Reading
(1) 75 minute Manifesting Blueprint and Energetic Business Assessment

These calls will be a powerful catalyst for  entrepreneurs or those who feel called to creating a purpose-driven business. This  reading will  give you clarity around your unique gifts and purpose. The first portion of the reading  teaches you about who you are at soul level, your inherent gifts and specialties if you will…It is really powerful to learn about this.  When we are aligned and expressing our unique soul gifts abundance, joy fulfillment is naturally present and we are in a place of manifesting things easily. 

The second portion is a where I identify and share what soul level blocks and restrictions, patterns ect that are holding you back and are not allowing you to fully access your gifts and then do clearing work. We take a look at how these patterns are currently affecting  and limiting  you and talk about ways you can begin to take new action that is in alignment with your divinity.

Regular Investment $1997 (or 2 payments at $1,111) 


(or 2 payments of $555)

Jen Gilchrist ~ Speaker, Soul Alignment and Success Mentor

As an Entrepreneur for 18 years and a Spiritual Mentor for 8 years, Jen Gilchrist, has gone from Struggling Single Mom to a 6-figure Business Owner --making money doing what she loves and empowering others to do the same. She supports spiritual entrepreneurs and messengers to gain confidence and clarity with their unique spiritual gifts and message. Jen teaches them strategies that will take their business to next level of visibility, so they make a global impact in the world while experiencing new levels of freedom of time, energy and money in their purpose driven business. It is Jen’s gift and passion to work with coaches, authors, messengers and speakers take their soulful message out into the masses, so they can create a collective impact in the world.

Jen believes that it is imperative to create your business from the inside out. She says,”When you are in alignment to your soul's calling it is absolutely inevitable that you will experience new levels of Freedom, Joy and Abundance while making the Impact in the world I know your heart desires.”